Загадки на английском

Загадки на английском помогут Вашему ребенку приобщиться к аристократической культуре Англии и изучить интернациональный язык. Загадки на английском для детей, построены очень примитивно, поэтому ребенок даже с самым минимальным знанием английского языка способен отгадать ее. Вы с легкость можете загрузить Загадки на английском из сети и практиковать их разгадывание вместе со своим чадом. Поверьте, малышу придется по вкусу, что-то новенькое и увлекательное, тем более, если Вы будете хвалить и подбадривать его. Кроме того, эти знания, приобретённые в процессе разгадывания, непременно, пригодятся в школе, на уроках английского.

What kind of clothes do lawyers wear?

What do you have if an ax falls on your car?
An ax-i-dent (accident)

What is in the army and is corny?
A colonel (kernel).

What do you call a man when a Marine sits on him?

Where did Pilgrims land when they arrived in America?
On their feet.

Who succeeded the first President?
The second one!

When is the best time to have lunch?
After breakfast!

When should you strike a match?
Only when it becomes violent.

What makes a man bald-headed?
Lack of hair.

What always ends everything?
The letter "g."

What is it that one needs most in the long run?
Your breath.

What animal keeps the best time?
A watchdog.

Why should you always carry a watch when crossing a desert?
Because it has a spring in it.

A man went on a trip on Friday, stayed for days and returned on Friday. How is that possible?
Friday is a horse!

What has wheels and flies?
A garbage truck!

How do you make a Venetian blind?
Poke him in the eye!

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
Practice, practice, practice!

Think fast: There's an electric train traveling south. The wind is from the north-west.
In which direction would the smoke from the train be blowing?
An electric train has no smoke!

What is the second most used letter in the English language?
Hint: it is also the first letter of the most used word in the English language.
The letter "T."

How can you avoid hitting your fingers when driving in a nail with a hammer?
Hold the hammer with both hands.

Why did the bubble gum cross the road?
It was stuck on the bottom of the chicken's foot.

What walks on legs in the morning, legs in the afternoon, and legs in the evening?
A man - crawls as a baby, then walks on feet, then uses a cane ( legs) as an old man.

What letter word can have its last letters removed and still sound the same?
QUEUE, remove "UEUE", say Q. Q and queue are pronounced the same.
If you see a bird sitting on a twig, how could you get the twig without disturbing the bird?
Wait until the bird flies away.

When is a yellow dog most likely to enter a house?
When the door is open.

What has a head like a cat, feet like a cat, a tail like a cat, but isn't a cat?
A kitten.